April 24, 2017

Application Development Services

Application Development Services

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Having the right strategy and execution is crucial to convert your ideas into reality placing your products and services into your customer’s hands. While you juggle to find right resources to fit various roles like product management, business development, marketing etc. website/application development itself needs a number of techno/functional resources. Finding an experienced software team who can partner with you throughout the process would be of great value.

With special focus and experience on businesses of all sizes, backed by serial entrepreneurs, Mavensoft has helped many companies since its inception. We can place the right resources to partner with you to brainstorm features, user experience design and implementation details all the way till launching your site into full production. No matter what stage of evolution your company is, we can tailor our services to suit your requirements with the right resources. Our teams are experienced to work in fast paced environments and can effectively handle changing requirements. Our objective is to build a long term relationship as your business evolves, providing design, development, testing and support services along the way.

Application Development Services

Lean startup essence: Starting with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Mavensoft will help align your vision with expected outcomes.

  • UX design process
  • Software development process
  • Testing process
  • Support & monitoring

UX Design process

Mavensoft User Experience (UX) and UI development team follow a well-structured process. The process starts with thoroughly understanding your business goals, strategy and high level use cases. The Application development team takes over the user interface and integrates with the server side functionality, collaborating with the UX/UI team as needed. Our process can be tailored to suit your needs, established at the time of engagement.

Application Development Services

Our team will work with you to help visualize and transform your ideas into appealing and usable website and mobile application.

Software Development Process

Strong processes are essential for success, in addition to the required domain expertise and technical skills. Mavensoft believes in collaborating with all stakeholders throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). This collaboration together with strong project management skills will ensure your requirements get delivered on-time, on-budget and with the expected quality. Whether the project gets executed fully following Waterfall or Agile development methodology, we apply the same consistent philosophy. In Agile execution, we apply the focus to smaller milestones of a bigger project, executing the smaller pieces to the whole in an iterative manner. We do customize our process to accommodate client’s setup, operating models, type of engagement and always work collaboratively with the your team as appropriate.

Our senior management has extensive experience working with small startups to fortune 50 companies at various technical, functional and management levels. Your key contact will be available to provide guidance, as needed, and be your guide along the way to launch.