Azure Announcing App Service Isolated, more power, scale and the ease of use

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Azure Announcing App Service Isolated, more power, scale, and the ease of use

The general availability for the App Service Isolated, which brings the simplicity of multi-tenant App Service to the secure, dedicated virtual networks powered by the App Service Environment (ASE).

Azure App Service is Microsoft’s leading PaaS (Platform as a Service) offering hosting over 1 million external apps and sites. It helps you build, deploy and scale the web, mobile and API apps instantaneously without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

It allows you to leverage the existing skills by supporting an increasing array of languages, frameworks, and popular OSS and has built-in capabilities that streamline your CI/CD pipeline.

ASE was introduced in 2015 to offer the customer’s network isolation, enhanced control, and the increased scale options. The updated ASE capabilities that come with the new pricing tier, App Service Isolated, and now it allows you to run apps in your dedicated virtual networks with even better scale and performance through an intuitive user experience.

Streamlined Scaling

Scaling up or out is now very easy. The new ASE eliminates the need to manage and scale the worker pools. To scale it, either choose a larger Isolated plan (to scale up) or add the instances (to scale out), this is just like the multi-tenant App Service. It’s that easy. To further increase the scaling flexibility, App Service Isolated which comes with a maximum default scale of 100 Isolated plan instances. You now have more capacity for a large implementation.

Upgraded Performance

The new ASE uses dedicated Dv2-based machines boasting of faster chipsets, SSD storage, and then twice the memory per core when compared to the first generation. The dedicated worker sizes for a new ASE will be 1 core with a RAM of 3.5 GB, 2 cores with a RAM of 7 GB, and 4 cores with a RAM of 14 GB. With an upgraded infrastructure, you will be able to run your apps with a lower latency, have more power to handle it heavier workloads and to support more users.

Simplified Experience

Creating the new ASE is easy. By selecting the Isolated pricing tier, App Service will create the App Service Plan (ASP) and a new ASE directly. You will just need to specify a Virtual Network that you want to deploy your applications to. There is no separate workflow that is required to spin up a new ASE in the secured dedicated virtual networks.

We have made App Service Environment (ASE) faster, more efficient, and easier to deploy into your virtual network, enabling you to run apps with Azure App Service at the high scale in an isolated network environment.

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