October 19, 2016

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Mavensoft is a reliable provides  in delivering complete Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics Services in Portland, Oregon and Hyderabad, India followed by a technology driven process which analyzes the data generated from your business and presents the information to help you implement the best result based decisions. Keeping in mind your priority objectives, Mavensoft can suggest solutions that will help make your business more efficient while improving your services for your customers. The general process of business intelligence is as follows:

  • Gathering data and organizing it through reporting
  • Turning it into meaningful information through analysis
  • Making actionable decisions aimed at fulfilling a strategic goal
Business Intelligence and Analytics

Business Intelligence Tools

Mavensoft offers expertise in different areas of Business Intelligence targeting SMEs using implementation services of these tools: Tableau, Qlikview, IBM Cognos, Microsoft BI Services (SSRS, SSIS).

BI Benefits

Tableau: You can create visuals quickly and easily switch between types. Find the model that best represents your message. The user interface is well-organized so you can customize the view with a few clicks vs. multiple menus, etc.

Qlikview: Using Qlikview displays business Intelligence(BI) quickly, clearly, and smartly. With their newly released APIs, QlikView can have data streamed into the memory model creating customized analysis.

IBM Cognos: This great IBM tool fashions statistics together with predictive analysis. One of the most significant additions to IBM Cognos 10 is the integration of IBM’s SPSS Modeler. This tool allows collaboration, co-working capabilities and performance enhancements. Utilizing the new Dynamic Query Model engine, organizations are seeing nearly double query response time on IBM Cognos TM1 cubes. And there is more, Self Service interface with easy to use reports and Q&A, Business Insight Advanced, which gives users the ability to edit already existing reports with mobile support and is scalable.

Microsoft BI Services (SSRS, SSIS): Data Storage and Management: SQL Server provides a scalable platform for building large scale enterprise data warehouses to consolidate data from various systems into a single and secure solution.

Information Delivery: Microsoft Business Intelligence dashboards consolidate data from disparate systems and present them when and where the information is needed by the employees or business.

Query, Reporting and Analysis: MS Business Intelligence Solutions enable the employees to create efficient reports that give answers to the business’ critical questions. Moreover, Microsoft BI enables the organizations to analyze and improve the production process.

Our Process

Mavensoft BI & Analytics Services will empower your enterprise developing cloud based technologies to support business intelligence tools, warehouse hosted data, implement complex event processing, utilize performance management skills, incorporate risk compliance and drive solution based analytics. These comprehensive solutions combined and integrated will present real time data analysis that results in more effective performance.

Business Intelligence (BI) Consulting provides:

  • Assessment Studies
  • Rationalization based models
  • Competency Review
  • Architecture Design Services
  • Integrated Evaluation

Business Intelligence Value Proposition

  • Strategic Projects aligned with your Business Strategy
  • Enable fact-based real time decision making
  • Reusable frameworks and components
  • User Friendly Optimization
  • Strategic and Tactical checklist
  • Efficiencies of time and money