Microsoft Azure leads the industry in the ISO certifications

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Microsoft Azure leads the industry in the ISO certifications

Microsoft Azure recently completed a new set of independent third-party ISO and a Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) audits to expand our certification portfolio. Azure leads to the industry with the most comprehensive compliance coverage, which enables the customers to meet a wide range of regulatory obligations.  If that was not enough, having a program with the industry leading to the depth and the coverage specific to ISO is exponentially useful to our customers are global as ISO standards provide with the baselines for the information security management that are relied upon by many other standards across the regulated industries and the markets worldwide.

A combination of our ISO and a CSA certifications exist in all the four Azure clouds, and coverage is now newly expanded across the following clouds.

New and an Expanded ISO

Achieving the ISO 20000-1:2011 for the certification specifically underscores the Azure’s commitment to deliver quality IT service management to the customers and demonstrates an Azure’s capability to monitor, measure, and to improve the service management processes.

Expanded to CSA STAR Certification

The CSA STAR Certification involves the rigorous independent third-party assessment of a cloud provider’s security posture that combines an ISO 27001 certification with the criteria specified in the CSA Cloud Controls Matrix. Azure maintains the highest possible for a Gold Award for the maturity capability assessment of the CSA STAR Certification, and as it is previously stated, which is now available in the Azure Government cloud.

Depth of Coverage – the Most Services

In addition to the broadest compliance portfolio amongst enterprise cloud providers, Azure which maintains the deepest coverage as a measured by how many customer-facing services are in audit scope.  For example, recently it is completed Azure ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 audits have 61 customer-facing services in the audit scope, making it possible for the customers to build realistic ISO-compliant cloud applications with an end-to-end platform coverage.

Go Read Our Reports and Certificates!

The CSA STAR Certification for the Microsoft Azure can be downloaded from the CSA Registry. Our ISO reports and the certificates can be downloaded from the Service Trust Portal.