October 19, 2016



Mavensoft follows a proven systematic approach to testing software and applications.

For desktop applications, testing will take into account the UI, business logic, database, reports, roles and rights, integrity, usability and data flow. For web applications, along with all these major areas; testers will give sufficient importance to performance, load and security of the application. So AUT is either desktop software or a website.

In black-box testing, the AUT is validated against its requirements considering the inputs and expected outputs, regardless of how the inputs are transformed into outputs. Testers are least concerned with internal structure or code that implements the business logic of the application.


Test Automation, Continuous Integration and Cloud Deployment

Mavensoft is a leader in utilizing test automation. We follow a continuous integration development practice using a shared repository, while verifying each check-in by automated build that allows early problems detection. We use continuous integration software tools to automate the testing and create records. By regular integration, we are able to detect errors quickly, and locate them easily. Immediately testing and reporting isolated changes while providing rapid feedback allows us to quickly identify defects and quickly correct them. Our best practices include:

  • Frequent code commit
  • Frequent Integration
  • Configure and categorize developer tests
  • Using a dedicated integration build machine
  • Using continuous feedback mechanisms
  • Staging builds

Continuous Deployment is closely related to Continuous Integration and refers to the release into production of software that passes the automated tests. By adopting continuous integration with ongoing deployment, we reduce risks, catch and correct errors quickly and move more rapidly to implementation.